Semper Fidelis Tattoo

The Meaning Of Semper Fi

Semper Fi Meaning
Semper Fi Meaning

What Does Semper Fidelis Mean Small
Marine Corp Tattoo
Marine Corp Tattoo

Semper Fi Marine Small
Semper Fidelis Always Faithful
Semper Fidelis Always Faithful

Semper Fi Tattoo Designs Small

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Semper Fidelis Tatoo
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mary says:

I have a tattoo of semper fi. reason im a marine wife and the 4 yrs that my husband was a marine I was faithful I waited for him no infidelity and Is so hard not knowing where he is or what he is doing, and waiting for him to come back. and we all know the divorce rate in the military and not a lot of people understand how hard is to be a marine wife

william garcia says:


Tisha Driver says:

i want a tattoo with something with the marines on it standing for my dad.. he served in the usmc and i am so proud of him and i want everyone to see how much i am by tattooing it.. what should i get?

Staff Sergeant J.A. Ingraham says:

Why can't I upload any photos?

Anita White says:

I recently got a tattoo of Semper Fidelis on my chest and although I have never been in the Marines I respect what the Marines do and also what they stand for. Yet me getting the tattoo has nothing to do with the Marines I love what the saying means ALWAYS FAITHFUL, a motto that we all as Humans should live by, for if we would all be Faithful to one another as well as ourselves how great would our country, society, our world would be....

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